Art Installations

Natural Rhythm is a brand new intimate electronic music festival, set amongst the secluded woodland and lush fields of Harlocks Farm in East Anglia. Set over two days, Natural Rhythm is aspiring to be a haven of extraordinary encounters, astonishing entertainment and an inspiring world of creativity and adventure. We are looking to establish a raw but magical festival experience, which showcases the regions finest underground artists, including DJ’s, live acts, bands, comedians and poets, together with the addition of a few special headliners.

This will be your chance as an aspiring artist to showcase your very own piece in a festival environment with over 1000 revelers! Your installation will be contending with our extensive line up of local and regional talent, including our specially selected headliners.

As the Natural Rhythm story unfolds, Harlocks Farm will become a hive of excitement and crazy festivities. This busy, energetic environment, will be filled with plenty of surprises and activity – we have over 200 acres to play with – it is for all of those reasons that your piece needs to stand out and be as creative and as interactive as you can possible make it be!

You will need to carefully consider colours, size, location, illumination and most importantly of all, how your piece will encourage our festival-goers to interact with it. Can they sit on it? Climb on it? Hide in it? Lie underneath it? Dance in front of it?

There are no restrictions. No boundaries. Think outside the box – let your imagination runaway!
You can have as much or as little room as you like. You can even use sound. It can be up a tree or on the ground. It’s entirely up to you!
Natural Rhythm can offer you plenty of potential; as long as it’s safe, it’s good to go!