The majority of people who go to festivals prefer to camp over, and Natural Rhythm is no exception! So that you folk can camp on-site over the weekend, we have arranged for a part of the Natural Rhythm site to be completely dedicated to the cause, and have kitted it out with everything you need to make your stay as comfy as possible.

Camping is included in the ticket price – however so that we can get an idea of numbers, you’ll need to add your name to the campsite guest list.

Please email full names to: [email protected].

Your name will need to be on this list in order to get a camping wristband.

The campsite itself will be kitted out with regularly maintained toilets as well as hot shower units. It will also be completed with its own eatery, which will be serving up a menu of fresh BBQ’d food in the evening, and hearty breakfast baps in the morning. Up-to-date programming information will also be available on the camp info board so that you don’t miss a thing, plus a team of dedicated staff will be on hand to make sure that you are all looked after and know where you have camped!

Campers will also be treated to a feast of entertainment, including acoustic sets, exclusive access to the arenas, which will be playing host to a selection of headliners from the Saturday, plus Tax Deductible’s very own Vintage version of the Olympic games, and other silly antics – more to be announced nearer the time.

For tickets, click HERE