Hipster Olympics

Formed in 1568 by a pair of wandering troubadours, Tax Deductible Theatre Company began the local tradition of competitive Shropshire maypole dancing whilst wearing turnip hats and wielding enraged otters… After a proud 450 year history of buccaneering the high seas of theatrical excellence they are now a potent collection of around 100 actors, performers, writers, artists and assorted funambulists.

Tax Deductible now spend most of their days performing award winning stage shows, producing acclaimed cabaret events, selling their soul to vast, faceless, morally bankrupt, corporate entities in exchange for money and mucking about on the UK music festival scene… They vastly prefer the last of these things.

Tax Deductible will be bringing the inaugural performance of the Natural Rhythm Hipster Olympics and also the denizens of the Ely Village County Fête to play at the festival.

The Hipster Olympics will be taking place at 8pm on both Friday and Saturday night – gather a team of at least 4 people together and join in! Prizes will be given out to the winning team!