Insiders Guide

We want Natural Rhythm to be a haven of extraordinary encounters, astonishing entertainment, and a rare and unique world of adventure… We need you to not only revel in this experience but to nurture and protect it too, so that everyone can enjoy Natural Rhythm for years to come!

So to keep the dream alive, Natural Rhythm HQ have come up with a few pointers to keep in check:

  • You must have a ticket to enter the festival. If you don’t have a ticket you won’t be able to come the festival, there will be no tickets available to buy on the door.
  • You must wear your wristband at all times. Our stewards throughout the duration of the event will make checks. If you are found without a wristband, you will be ejected from the site.
  • To prevent blaggers from getting in without a ticket, Natural Rhythm will have a huge fence around the perimeter of the site. Security will be located around the entire perimeter to prevent these blaggers from breaking in. If you want to get involved in the Natural Rhythm experience, then please BUY A TICKET like everyone else!
  • Drugs are bad. Along with any other illegal substance. Like everyday life, what is illegal in the UK, will not be allowed at Natural Rhythm. There will be searches upon arrival at the entry gates; any illegal substances found will be confiscated, and handed to the police.
  • Please keep Natural Rhythm’s home a clean and tidy one. There is nothing worse than a festival full of rubbish, so please do your bit and put your unwanted waste in the recycling bins provided.
  • Finally, as we are an independent festival, we rely on the bar sales to nurture and grow out event. We want to keep the ticket cost as low as possible, but still provide you with quality entertainment. It is for those reasons that we need you to help fund this festival by purchasing your drinks from our bars – please don’t sneak your own booze in – the money will be reinvested in to making the festival a more fun and exciting place, and to fund our fabulous art installations and guest artists. It goes without saying, but the better behaved we are, the more fun everyone will have!

If we all work together to make Natural Rhythm an amazing, trouble-free, safe haven of fun, fun, fun, this will only work in our favour to hopefully get a permanent licence on the Friday.