The Scrubbers

It’s that time of year again… The Scrubbers have come out of hibernation, dusted off their feather dusters, starched their pinnies and are ready for another frenzied summer of sprucing, cleaning, tidying and transformations!

Last year saw the Scrubbers make an appearance all over the festival circuit, at Boomtown, Beautiful Days, Nozstock and Glade to name a few.

The Scrubbers are a crack team of cleaner-upperers, a much-needed Human Sanitation Project. Let’s face it, cleanliness is not high on the agenda of most of the grubby souls who have been sweating away the days and nights in a muddy field. Luckily, the Scrubbers are ready to make your festival an altogether more hygienic, aesthetically pleasing and nose-friendly event. The Inspector has polished his magnifying glass to inspect even the most hard-to-reach areas (his is a nasty job and who can blame him for losing his cool and dishing out insults to all and sundry?) and his team of French Maids are on hand with wipes and sprays, moisturiser and hair products, nail polish and breath freshener and of course lots and lots of GLITTER!! Also an indispensable member of the team is Mr Fluffenhausen, our all-round festival caretaker. Some might accuse him of being pernickety, but he is a very thorough and conscientious man with standards to uphold.